At Seiman Sears our aim is to provide the 1st line of recruitment in our Client’s recruitment process.

Seiman Sears recognises that all our clients are different and each role you have may differentiate in the process in recognising the best fit. In order to get the best talent in front of you we provide a tailored package that suits you as an individual and work with you in order to meet your criteria and fulfil your expectations.

Our aim is to provide the 1st line of recruitment in order to support your recruitment campaign and this is done through having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your requirements, your business as well as your aims and objectives.

Our experience in the IT industry as sales professionals has given us a real leading edge over our competition as we have a much better understanding of our client's requirements and the markets they operate in which enables us to fulfil their recruitment needs through our personal value added service.

Our experienced consultants draw on a number of different selection methods in order to find the best talent to suit your needs. Having been part of the IT sales industry and educated to at least a degree level within an IT and Business discipline our consultants are able to:

• Provide the most effective recruitment strategy that meets our client’s selection needs.

• Recognise true IT sales potential when pre screening candidates

• Understand the detailed technical knowledge required from an IT sales professional in order to fulfil their role to an exceptional level.

We have a network and database of top end IT sales professionals who we have worked with in one discipline or another from supporting their career progression to working along side them in an IT sales corporate environment.

Bridging the gap by working in partnership to find your next sales professional. Please feel free to call one of our experienced consultants on 01604 726752 or click here to place a vacancy.